Nature Frizz Instant Mask 1L


Rinsing conditioning mask, especially suitable for the treatment of frizzy and dry hair, which need long-lasting discipline treatment and frizz control.

Deep conditioning mask. Its action is based on the mixture of positively charged nourishing conditioners, vegetable queratin amino acids, babassu oil and shea butter. This combination of amino acids and oils envelops and repairs hair fiber, and restores its natural flexibility. Thanks to this, the hair regains its discipline, its natural movement, controls frizz and is protected from moisture.

Positively charged nourishing conditioners, which also neutralize the static load of the hair, provide nourishment and softness. These assets have two distinct parts in their structure:

• A positively charged part, which neutralizes the negative charge of the hair fiber, eliminating static electricity and preventing frizz.

• An emollient (softening) part, which mimics the natural lipids of our scalp, moisturizes and conditions the hair.

How to use: Apply the mask to damp hair, after rinsing the shampoo. Massage lightly for a better result and rinse.

Vegan product

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