We are abril et nature, a leading hair cosmeceuticals company established in Spain from haircare professionals, Pedro Abril & Antonio Vazquez.​

Our cutting-edge products are based on the foundation of quality, using only the latest in hair technology.

We take the best from traditional science world, and combine it with natural hair care ingredients to create the most effective hair cosmetic treatments. This includes the use of potent and highly effective active ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acids, Stem Cell Plant Culture extract, and much more. ​The results that not only look brilliant in the short-run, but also work to improve hair health and longevity in the long run.

We provide hair stylists around the world with the highest quality hair care products that they can come to rely on and trust.​ Since our beginnings in 1998, we have now become one of the leading companies in the hairdressing sector, and are used by prestige hair salons in over 35 countries.

Our effective, powerful and science based results is quickly becoming a favourite among professionals worldwide