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Keratin-Plex Liss Anti-Frizz Thermal Protector


Keratin-Plex Thermal Protector Liss by abril et nature provides excellent heat protection to the hair fiber with repairing effects. Finish product, without rinsing.

What is it indicated for?

This thermal protector is especially suitable for hair with a tendency to frizz and when a progressive straightening and smoothing effect is desired. Shields and protects your hair against heat damage caused by flat irons and other heat-styling tools. Strengthens the hair shaft and helps prevent hair breakage leaving the hair soft and silky.

What benefits does it provide?

- Provides high-efficiency anti-frizz control.

- Progressive and soft hair straightening effect.

- Hair fiber repair and restoration.

- Conditioning and hair care.

- Protects the hair against the heat and possible damages while using flat iron straighteners and other heat styling tools.

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