Prevention Hair Loss Bain Shampoo 1L


Prevention-hair loss shampoo  for the treatment of hair loss. Strengthens the hair fiber and improves the condition of the scalp..


  • Strengthens hair from the first application.
  • Fall control  . Reduces breakage and prevents shedding. 
  • Strong and resistant hair  .
  • Improves the general condition of the scalp.
  • Healthy hair growth. 
  • Provides softness and resistance to breakage. 
  • It stimulates and activates the blood supply to the hair follicle, facilitating the correct assimilation of nutrients. 
  • Strengthens the hair fiber.

Method of Use:
First Step of Prevention -Hair Loss Treatment.
Wash hair as usual. Leave it to act for a few minutes and rinse out.

Vegan product

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