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abril et nature | Advanced Hair Technology

Curl Activator 200ml


Moisture-resistant fixer that does not lose strength, providing a long lasting effect in all types of environments. Due to its continuous and flexible film technology on the hair, it prevents the appearance of residues in the form of small scales or dust, which in addition to being anti-aesthetic, can damage the cuticle of the hair.

• Fix curls and waves with volume.

• Activates and enhances the shape of curls and waves and improves durability.

• Long lasting effect fixer, long durability.

• Moisture resistance: fix curls and waves even in humid environments.

• Avoid frizz.

• Continuous and flexible film fixer on the hair, not brittle. No debris.

• Enhances the shine of curly and wavy hair.

• Memory effect: allows reactive curls and waves without application of more product. Simply slightly moistening the hair and re-shape the curl.

• Thermal protection.

• Quick-drying effect

• Soft hair repair

• Nice finishing touch.


Use to enhance curls and waves in both damp hair and dry hair.

On damp hair: Apply to hair previously dried with towel as a last step before drying. Do not rinse. Dry by enhancing the shape of curls and waves.

On dry hair: apply on dry hair and shape.

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