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abril et nature | Advanced Hair Technology

Creative Final Style Strong Hold 250ml


Traditional fixators lose their properties in humid environments and as a result lose fastening force. This fixer, on the contrary, is resistant to moisture and does not lose its strength, providing a long lasting effect in all types of environments.

Un rinsed

Finishing finishing finish, to fix and maintain the shape of the hairstyle

• Strong and extra-strong fixation, without residue.

• All types of hair and hairstyle.

• Does not clum the hair or add weight.

• Long lasting effect, long durability.

• Moisture resistance: fixes the hairstyle even in humid environments.

• Avoid frizz.

• Boosts hair shine.

• Thermal protection.

• Quick-drying effect

• Easy removal with hair washing.

abril et nature gas-free sprays provide a spray in the form of fine droplets that form a thin and continuous fixing film, obtaining an excellent fixation, without residue.

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