Getting my time back

After going through one of the worst couple of weeks of business and my life for the last few weeks, I took 15mins out to just write down a few things that weren’t serving me or were taking time out of my life and really hurting my productivity for no good reason.

I knew after the last few weeks that my work load was about to increase 10 fold and seeing as sleep and training are 2 high priorities for me, I felt it would do more damage to my mental state if I were to neglect them for the sake of sales and business growth.

The list I came up with looked like this:

Things not serving me:

  1. Doing my hair (I essentially work out everyday so my frizzy, afro hair is constantly sweaty or wet)
  2. Cooking and cleaning up (it takes so much mental effort to choose what to cook, do the cooking, eat and clean up)
  3. Searching through the clothes and shoes in my wardrobe and drawers
  4. Not having time to read (my natural thing to do when I need to relax)

Once I was clear, it was time to actually do something about it.

Firstly, an easy one…Cooking. I’ve always been scared of these meal delivery service things because I thought they were so expensive for what you got. I then realised i can get 10 meals for $99 from YouFoodz so boom…that was way cheaper than shopping, cooking and cleaning so I bought that for a few weeks. Meal problem…done.

Secondly, the clothes. I walked into my wardrobe and essentially threw out anything I’ve owned for more than 4 years, anything that doesn’t make me feel sexy and anything that is just overworn. Done. Breathe. Feel better. Even all my ‘go to’ shoes are goooone.

Thirdly, this hair situation….what a nightmare.

Thankfully, a lovely girl I know, Karen, reached out to me a while ago and asked me whether I wanted to be a guinea pig for this new hair soothing treatment that is made in Spain and is HUGE in Europe. I have European Hair so I thought “why not?”…however, trying to find the time to do the treatment was proving difficult. I’ve had Keratin before and I knew it would take a whole day out of my week that I didn’t have..

Or at least that’s what I assumed.

Regardless, I bit the bullet and booked in to do the treatment on Monday. I blocked out the day but to my surprise, it took 2 hours from sitting in the chair, getting my hair washed, drying my hair, adding the treatment, styling my hair and walking out the door! SO QUICK! My frizzy mane had been replaced with this gorgeous, silky, shiny, straight and tame hair within 2 hours?! PLUS, my blonde ends didn’t turn brassy, they actually got brighter after the treatment.

Where has this been all my life?

The other thing I was expecting (and dreading) was for it to smoke the room up like Keratin normally does but nope! No smoke!

If you’ve ever had a Keratin treatment, you know what it’s like while you sit there for hours while the hairdresser irons your hair in paper thin sections while inhaling this horrendous, chemical smell. I thought, this would be perfect for hairdresser safety, especially if they or their client are pregnant. While I was thinking this, I heard Karen mention to someone that it was safe for pregnancy as well….haha…I was right!


It’s a soothing treatment called Corrective Liss from Abril et Nature. Unlike Keratin, it’s based on amino acids and stem cells of apples!

So, smiling like a moron and feeling like a million bucks, I spent the rest of my afternoon meeting new clients, seeing old ones and exuding confidence. I was given the shampoo and conditioner to take home so I could wash the treatment out 24 hours later and do my hair myself.

The real test came when I did a 2 hour fitness session that night where I sweated through my newly treated hair. I won’t lie, I did panic a little “what if I stuff up the treatment? what a waste”….

Alas no! The next night, I washed my hair and it was dried and styled within 20mins with NO fluffiness or flyaways!

I HAVE MY TIME BACK!! I feel lighter, I feel sexier. I finally feel like I can have people take photos of me without being self conscious of my hair looking shockingly bad. I’ve never been more grateful for a product or treatment!

To all my frizzy haired sisters, I highly recommend asking your hairdresser whether they can offer Corrective Liss. I can’t believe how beautiful my hair looks and feels and how fast I can do it myself. I’m never going back to Keratin.


Finally, the books. I booked in Sunday afternoons to read for 1 hour and I’m not going to bed without reading at least a page. It may sound crazy but things like this need to be scheduled in so they become a habit. I also know how important books and reading are for my mindset so it’s a must!

So that is my goal for the rest of the year….do more things that serve me and eliminate that which doesn’t. My time is my most precious asset right now with everything going on so whatever I can do to create more of it, I’m going to do…regardless of cost. If I’m not spending time doing things that aren’t important, I can be spending more time on the road with clients.

The lesson from this? You can create more time for yourself to go out and make money or work on your business or add value to the company you work for if you don’t focus on ‘oh, the cleaner will be too expensive”, “the meal plan is too expensive”, “that treatment is too expensive” etc etc etc…. Just bite the bullet.

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